What is gratitude and why must you posses it? Gratitude is genuine “appreciation“. Appreciation for what you have, who you are, and where you are in life. Yes, even in difficult circumstances there is something to be grateful about. It may be tough to find it in you to appreciate “something” if you’re currently in a unfortunate situation, which is absolutely understandable. We all have been there at one point in time, and you can be sure that trials will again appear down the road…… Life is full of surprises, both good and not so good! Remember, it’s how you respond that will make a difference where it’s most important (psychological, physical).

If you can focus on what is “good” and not what is “bad” or what you have instead of what you don’t have, then your world will soon brighten. Recognize that by expressing gratitude in all things you are giving yourself a lift, psychologically and physically speaking, and that soon things will fall into place for you.

Learn to appreciate all things in this life. If you don’t come to the realization that this very simple action or thought called gratitude is something that you must possess, you are not in a position to receive. You are lining yourself up for disappointment in some way or another (it comes in many forms). You may feel defeated, confused and unhappy to say the least. Don’t become one of those people who have everything they ever wanted and don’t know why they are unhappy. I have known some very wealthy people loose everything because they wanted more. I spoke to a good friend the other day and she come to realize that in the pursuit for greater wealth (net worth in the millions ), she lost everything. Her inability to appreciate what she had at the time almost was a disability to see clearly. It’s true that old saying, ” You don’t know what you have till it’s gone”. It is then that you appreciate what’s lost, and  perhaps you wish you had the appreciation for what “was” in that moment and time. That other old saying, “it’s never to late” is not always true. Sometimes, “It is to late”. If you’re one of those people who are experiencing this right now, don’t loose hope because you can always rebuild and start over! There is something to be grateful for…… a new beginning!

On the other side of the coin, I also know of someone who has been hit left and right, up and down with bad news. This person is broke, no job, lost his arm in a car accident and recently lost a family member. I asked how he was doing today and his answer is, “I have a place to live, cloths on my back, someone who loves me and I believe that better times are ahead”. This man reaps with gratitude! He could of easily told me that he was miserable, and that he lost all hope, but he didn’t. His reply to my question made me pause with a smile. He actually made me ponder how lucky I am to know a person like himself! He is inspirational to me. I do believe that his future is bright because of his amazing attitude with gratitude.

Think about what you’re grateful for right now. Maybe jot them down on paper and say them out loud. Hear yourself speak with gratitude (be genuine). Think about what you currently have that’s good in your life. Also, think about how you react to circumstances that may not be exactly favorable. Try and remember what is awesome in your life and that you will overcome all obstacles. Don’t allow the negative to beat you down! Value what you have in your life regardless of what you may be going through right now. Want what you already have because you already have what you want!!  Respond with a heart of gratitude!! Try putting this to practice daily and you will notice a difference starting from the inside out 🙂

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