About Prioritize You

As a women in her 40’s transitioning my career I found a void in resources targeted to women in my position.  Being an independent women I thought I would create a resource….

After many years of travel, I have noticed similar human behavior no matter what part of the world I am in. People are in a rush, no time for “genuine” human interaction. I witness more and more people inconsiderate to each other.  The lack of respect kids show towards other kids, not to mention authority figures, is disheartening. Basic manners are not being taught at home to children and these basic courtesies are lost even among adults. The “need” and “desire” to make money may be one reason why majority of population are less available for themselves and those they love. Priorities are out of order, and self is lost.

Prioritize you is NOT about being “self-focused” or “self-centered”. It is about finding your balance, knowing your boundaries, and valuing yourself. In doing this, you set a positive example of the best health (mind & body) you can be in. Prioritize you is about Health & Wellness and living a life that you were meant to live. I share my life, my thoughts, and inspirations.  I say, “Everything in moderation, keep it simple and stick to the basics”.

Live, love, honor and laugh out loud!

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