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It’s your “tone”

What about your “tone” makes a person feel as though you’re disrespectful,spiteful,resentful,happy,pleasant,or angry? Teenagers have a sort of tone in there voice when they think they know it all, or don’t want to be told what to do by an … Continue reading

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Forever Healing

If your at an age where you can say you’ve lived life long enough to have a few dents that dwell deep within your being….. it’s possible you may be healing from something that has definitely changed the course of … Continue reading

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Just walk away

Sometimes you have to know when to “just walk away” from any situation that may be compromising to your well being. I’m not talking about walking away from being a Parent when you feel your children are a threat to … Continue reading

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A sigh of contentment

Did you ever find yourself in complete utter peace where your mind is at a restful state? Have you ever sat still to look at the colorful leaves that fall on a brisk Autumn day and become mesmerized by the … Continue reading

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Desiring More VS True Values

If your desire for “more” depletes what you value most, then perhaps it’s time to take an honest look at what your “true” values are. This can be complicating to those people who are in survival mode, caught up in … Continue reading

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Single Mother and stressed ?

It’s not out of the norm that if your a single Mom your most likely to be stressed, unless you have unlimited funds that can allow you to be a stay at home mother and do as you please. However, … Continue reading

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Today’s expectations for the Holidays…… children and adults

Is it just me or has time changed that much to where “giving” from the heart seems no longer good enough in the eyes of our society? Our children expect the best of the best under the Christmas tree and … Continue reading

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