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Adrenal fatigue

I’m pretty sure this is an issue among most people under constant stress. In time, adrenals are seriously effected by constant everyday pressures of work, career, and personal relationships. The fight or flight mode is not a good thing on … Continue reading

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Work smarter NOT harder

Wouldn’t that be great!!?? How many people are on a treadmill of some crazy work schedule that seems to never end?… ever! Does this sound familiar? Do you know anyone (besides yourself maybe) that is sweating it out day to … Continue reading

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Don’t Do This!

STRESS! I think we all know it’s a killer. Stress contributes to onset of disease and is the quickest way to your grave! Yes, we all get stressed out from time to time. Overload of work, family, money, personal issues … Continue reading

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It’s your “tone”

What about your “tone” makes a person feel as though you’re disrespectful,spiteful,resentful,happy,pleasant,or angry? Teenagers have a sort of tone in there voice when they think they know it all, or don’t want to be told what to do by an … Continue reading

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