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What a great way to relieve stress! Meditation is such a powerful way to healing and clarity within. It doesn’t take long. If you try it at least five minutes a day, I believe you will feel emotionally and physically … Continue reading

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Latest Health Craze!

Weeds & Vaporizers? Well, really it’s weed vaporizers. Yes, this is the latest “health” craze……. for now. Pot has come a long way since my day. Remember when “weed” was considered hazardous and dangerous to our health? There was actually … Continue reading

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Parents Growing Elderly

Our time here on earth is short. As we age, time is precious, but as we watch our parents grow old…….. it can be heartbreaking. My Father died at a young 66 unexpectedly. Mom misses him everyday since his death … Continue reading

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It’s your “tone”

What about your “tone” makes a person feel as though you’re disrespectful,spiteful,resentful,happy,pleasant,or angry? Teenagers have a sort of tone in there voice when they think they know it all, or don’t want to be told what to do by an … Continue reading

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