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Belief, Hope,Love & Lack of.

I thought I would touch base on the state of our union and as usual, just my simple thoughts. It seems as though the majority of people on this earth are more discouraged than ever. Turn on the news and … Continue reading

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Being lovable

Are you? Are you lovable? I was reading one of Warren Buffett’s quotes;  “The more you give love away, The more you get”.  This one stuck out at me the most. He has a lot of great quotes! I was … Continue reading

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Play the fool

Have you ever played the fool for someone? You’re crazy about a special person and you would do anything even if …… yes, you play the fool. Love will do that sometimes. Embrace it, don’t mind what other people say. … Continue reading

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The Unknown

You can’t stop the world from “crazies” but you can be a shining light to the victims. Trauma, devastation, despair and agony set in on the victims of cruelty that roam our world. Although we are all capable of hideous … Continue reading

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This thing called… TRUST

Trust is a very simple word yet not easy to find in others. Perhaps experiences of disappointment and loss can explain feelings of distrust in a persons heart. The dictionary’s definition of trust is — reliance on the integrity, strength, … Continue reading

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So I was looking out my window wondering what I can do to make a difference in someones life today. Someone I didn’t know personally. Then I remembered why I became a hospice volunteer many years ago. Honestly speaking, I … Continue reading

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Forever Healing

If your at an age where you can say you’ve lived life long enough to have a few dents that dwell deep within your being….. it’s possible you may be healing from something that has definitely changed the course of … Continue reading

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