I had a wonderful experience with acupuncture today!

This acupuncturist took the time to LISTEN to me. She actually seemed “interested” in my life and what my health concerns were. I have had acupuncture a handful of times before, but this was by far the best one yet. I walked out of her office almost two hours later (consult was at least an hour ), with a mixture of calmness and a deer in head lights. LOL. I was no doubt on some sort of high yet I also felt like I was in a twilight zone. Weird.

As the hours passed I thought more about our conversation (mine and the acupuncturist ). She hit on a few major important issues in my life that I had a tough time accepting. Nothing drastic, not at all bad but the conversation definitely made me go….. Hmmm? I mean, in an annoying way. Why? Because I already knew of these things but what a difference it makes hearing it out loud from someone that does NOT know you personally. It was like a therapy session with needles. HAHA!

I have always believed in natural healing and Eastern medicine first before heading to a specialist that you have to wait 3 months to get an appointment…….. and than to have them NOT LISTEN or NOT CARE ……than prescribe you something that’s most likely not what you need. Now I’m not saying ALL Doctors are what I just described, but I am saying I’m beyond frustrated with health care here PERIOD. I also believe that Western medicine is great WHEN NEEDED. I do my best to be my own health advocate and I certainly don’t know everything, but I do know what works for me.

I’m absolutely making another appointment with her and will make another for my son also. By the way, his session with the acupuncturist was a week before mine. He walked out the same way I did. LOL ! I do believe in going consistently to notice any changes in the body. Although, I will say that just after one visit something good happened. 🙂

It’s amazing how our mind & body are so connected. The mind is such a powerful force. I believe it can heal or destroy…… physically and mentally.

*** What I’m saying is I think stress can destroy our bodies to the point of no return. We don’t need meds, we need to CHILL THE HELL OUT!

No but seriously, meditation, prayer, friends, family are all important for our well being. I think we have less and less of the above I just mentioned today than ever. Why? I have my thoughts on the “why” but that’s for another blog.

“The greatest wealth is health” Unknown

“Just because your not sick doesn’t mean your healthy” Author Unknown

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. Thomas Edison

Live, Love, Honor and laugh out loud! Prioritize you.



About Cassandra Pavolic

As a retired performer for 25 years transitioning careers has been difficult. I truly enjoyed my career as an aerialist performer. I was fortunate enough to see the world, traveled many places and met people from all cultures. I learned a tremendous amount about life and people during my years traveling than I would in a school setting. The one thing I took away from being on the road is that no matter what ethnic background you are, we are all so similar. A smile is a smile in every language (happiness or contentment). Expressions of all emotions have the same meaning around the world. For this reason we are similar, and I somehow find that comforting. I'm now 50! It's hard to believe I'm fifty already! I reflect on my accomplishments as well as my failures up to date. Both are irrelevant to what I value most. I value people and relationships. I value my deity, it is the number one thing that keeps me stable. Being true to myself is a portion of my "food" in regards to my decision making. When I steer away from being my true self I am disappointed. Exercise, taking walks, and being still are another source of "food" in my life. I like to be still, listen and observe all things. I have been this type of person since a young child. Perhaps one of the reasons why I take an interest in Personality Psychology and my recent studies human behavior. I hold an Associates degree in Music/Theater/Dance from Dean College in MA. I quickly realized I wanted to perform, therefore my journey began immediately after graduating from Dean. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. I am curious, I am persistent and I am passionate. I'm on a mission to be a better person, to help those who want to help themselves, and to share my thoughts, opinions, experiences to anyone who gives a damn. All in hoping that what I have to offer will change lives as you learn to keep your priorities in order. And so I started prioritize you.
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