Purpose and PASSION

What do you love doing?

What is it that one thing in your life that gives you a reason?

What is your reason to get up every morning (besides the fact that you”re alive and have bills rolling in )?

Is there something that nudges you within (constantly) to follow your “gut instinct” to pursue your passion?

What is your purpose?

What comes natural to you? In other words, what are you most gifted at? Usually things that come natural to anyone is generally a good sign that it’s one of your gifts (you may have a few). We all have them! Some people are to busy wishing they had “gifts” there friends posses. Those people are missing out on great opportunity for themselves! You may be blessed with certain gifts you don’t feel are as needed in society, or perhaps you are gifted in something that doesn’t “appear” to provide a high income. Nevertheless, those are indeed gifts that you may possess regardless of your liking. I suggest, if this is true…..  really start to “like” them, and to one day love and honor your true gifts. There will come a time you will be thankful for those very gifts you were blessed with!

FIND WHAT YOUR PASSIONS ARE. What are you PASSIONATE about? Whatever it is (as long as it’s not hurting anyone, or yourself), go for it! Make a plan of action. One step at a time, one day at a time. Make your passion a priority.

Your passions are something you can’t wait to do everyday, or that you look forward in doing “someday”. If you find yourself thinking, obsessing about that “one thing” I will assume it may be a passion of yours.

Maybe your passion is your purpose? Find out and do a little soul searching. Get to know yourself a little better and dig deep into your “truth”. Obviously, you must be genuine about this process. Soul searching can be intense and emotional, but worth visiting.

Your purpose and passion may be one in the same. This makes sense, but not always true. We may not always like our purpose here on Earth. We may not be passionate about what our true purpose is…. at least not for the moment (you will figure this out soul searching). I believe we are put here on this planet to fulfill a purpose. We all have a purpose. Everyone has a value because we breathe. We are worth something.

Know your self worth because you are of extreme value. Believe this to be true. Believe in you!

My mother always said, “Rome wasn’t built in day”. This means be patient (don’t give up on you)!

Live, love, honor and laugh out loud! Prioritize you.

About Cassandra Pavolic

As a retired performer for 25 years transitioning careers has been difficult. I truly enjoyed my career as an aerialist performer. I was fortunate enough to see the world, traveled many places and met people from all cultures. I learned a tremendous amount about life and people during my years traveling than I would in a school setting. The one thing I took away from being on the road is that no matter what ethnic background you are, we are all so similar. A smile is a smile in every language (happiness or contentment). Expressions of all emotions have the same meaning around the world. For this reason we are similar, and I somehow find that comforting. I'm now 50! It's hard to believe I'm fifty already! I reflect on my accomplishments as well as my failures up to date. Both are irrelevant to what I value most. I value people and relationships. I value my deity, it is the number one thing that keeps me stable. Being true to myself is a portion of my "food" in regards to my decision making. When I steer away from being my true self I am disappointed. Exercise, taking walks, and being still are another source of "food" in my life. I like to be still, listen and observe all things. I have been this type of person since a young child. Perhaps one of the reasons why I take an interest in Personality Psychology and my recent studies human behavior. I hold an Associates degree in Music/Theater/Dance from Dean College in MA. I quickly realized I wanted to perform, therefore my journey began immediately after graduating from Dean. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. I am curious, I am persistent and I am passionate. I'm on a mission to be a better person, to help those who want to help themselves, and to share my thoughts, opinions, experiences to anyone who gives a damn. All in hoping that what I have to offer will change lives as you learn to keep your priorities in order. And so I started prioritize you.
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