This topic came to mind when I decided to “eat clean”. I realized that I, as most of us do, have a few things I don’t want to give up. Coffee is the number one thing I enjoy very much. Coffee is also comforting to me and I really have a tough time not having a cup in the morning. In fact, the very thought of skipping a cup encourages me to have not one but TWO cups! This made me ask myself, “Is this  a habit”? I don’t “need” a cup of coffee but I truly enjoy every sip. I love the smell, I love the taste, and it’s simply “relaxing”. So if I don’t NEED a cup of coffee every morning then why does it have such a hold on me? Then I had to ask myself another, yet deeper question. Is it possible that I may have an emotional attachment to coffee? What is the real issue here and why is it so difficult to let go of for a few weeks? Here’s the crazy thing, I have dealt with years of stress and anxiety and coffee relaxes me? How could this be? People who have anxiety are to stay away from coffee because it can trigger an onset. So I’m at a loss here. I’m not sure why coffee makes me feel so calm, at least while it’s going down, and if coffee really is one of my dirty habits!?! Ok, this brings me to an experiment. I’m no longer going to tell myself that I can’t have a cup of coffee and kill my morning joy, but I am determined to cut back! You know…… take it out of my “daily” routine. Perhaps have a cup every other morning instead. Hopefully I will get to the point where I will skip two days in a row and so on. So now what is this? Is this a habit? You know what? YUP! I just came out of denial as I reread my message. Yes this is a habit. For crying out loud, this is an addiction! YIKES! Ok so here’s the deal, is this an emotional addiction/habit or is this just a habit/addiction? I guess there could be an emotional attachment to anything and everything if you get down to it. I mean there is definitely food addition and that usually carries and emotional issue which is why some may over eat. I know I have headed to my freezer for the ice cream on a bad day and I definitely didn’t “need” the gallon! So yes, I’ll come to my senses and admit that I have an attachment/habit/addiction to my morning coffee but is that so bad? Well, to much of a good thing isn’t good for you after awhile. So I will pull out my will power, hopefully I have some left after having children, and I will just say “no” tomorrow morn to my one and only cup of coffee. I hope I’m able to do it! I can, I will, I must…… at least try 🙂 Nope, my mind is made up, I WILL!!!!

You see, people who have these so called habits and want to change them need to give themselves a pep talk which is what I just did in the last sentence. HAHA! But seriously, it helps.

My next “habit’ that I am trying to rid myself of is sugar. This is tough because I think sugar is in everything.So here’s what I’m thinking…….besides the occasional “dark” piece of chocolate, I love bananas. Guess what? Bananas are one of the fruits my “clean eating” says to stay away from! OMG, first coffee and now bananas! I have a banana every morning usually before my COFFEE! How good is “clean eating” for you anyway? I ask myself that question because now I’m pissed. So far no coffee and no bananas. I don’t know about you but when I am asked or told to do something that I don’t want to do, I usually do MORE of what I’m not supposed to do. In other words TWO cups of coffee which I previously mentioned and TWO bananas today so far. Really!!??!! This is already killing me but I’m determined. Since today is pretty much over for me, tomorrow is another day! There are many “habits” I have come to realize I posses. However, I’m just real glad they’re nothing serious. I mean really, coffee and bananas aren’t a life threatening habit. Besides, I also have “good” habits like exercise. I LOVE to workout! This is a MUST for me, therefore this is a “habit”. One habit that I’m happy about 🙂

Not all habits are bad, but like I mentioned earlier, to much of a good thing can sometimes be not so good. This means that even workouts can be to much. So sit back and reassess your life. What are your good and bad habits? What do you need to cut back on a little? What do you need to do more of?

Think on it and remember to prioritize you.

About Cassandra Pavolic

As a retired performer for 25 years transitioning careers has been difficult. I truly enjoyed my career as an aerialist performer. I was fortunate enough to see the world, traveled many places and met people from all cultures. I learned a tremendous amount about life and people during my years traveling than I would in a school setting. The one thing I took away from being on the road is that no matter what ethnic background you are, we are all so similar. A smile is a smile in every language (happiness or contentment). Expressions of all emotions have the same meaning around the world. For this reason we are similar, and I somehow find that comforting. I'm now 50! It's hard to believe I'm fifty already! I reflect on my accomplishments as well as my failures up to date. Both are irrelevant to what I value most. I value people and relationships. I value my deity, it is the number one thing that keeps me stable. Being true to myself is a portion of my "food" in regards to my decision making. When I steer away from being my true self I am disappointed. Exercise, taking walks, and being still are another source of "food" in my life. I like to be still, listen and observe all things. I have been this type of person since a young child. Perhaps one of the reasons why I take an interest in Personality Psychology and my recent studies human behavior. I hold an Associates degree in Music/Theater/Dance from Dean College in MA. I quickly realized I wanted to perform, therefore my journey began immediately after graduating from Dean. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer. I am curious, I am persistent and I am passionate. I'm on a mission to be a better person, to help those who want to help themselves, and to share my thoughts, opinions, experiences to anyone who gives a damn. All in hoping that what I have to offer will change lives as you learn to keep your priorities in order. And so I started prioritize you.
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